This design is based on "The Warrior Archetype" the battle of the internal struggle as well as the external. These ancient warrior cultures have shaped our history, tactics and influenced many over the years. There was something about close combat, being skilled where two opposing warriors faced off. With the advancement of weaponry over the centuries, we have lost the principles of the warrior ethos. There are great spiritual principles from reading Apostle Paul (Ephesians 6:10-18),
Sun Zu (The Art of War), Miyamoto Musashi, (The Five Rings), and Homer (The Iliad & The Odyssey).

Steven Pressfield talks about this at length in a video series called "The Warrior Archetype". He also has tons of great books that dives into these areas of what the warrior should look like in the modern day. The study of history and warfare can teach us a lot about ourselves. The creative struggles, the resistance that confronts us to overcome obstacles we face.

- 1.5 x 4
- Printed
- Hook backing