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Psalm 144:1 is a major theme in Stand Strong, this is the painting that started it all and the obsession with this verse. Never forget where your true strength is built on, the solid Rock I stand! Never Surrender!

A Psalm of David. Blessed be the LORD, my rock, Who trains my hands for war, And my fingers for battle;

As men we have to dig down deep and find the source where we have laid our foundation. These times we live in will cause us to take a stand. HE has me in His quiver... Hidden. I love this. Just because you are hidden doesn't mean you don't have a purpose or a task to do. Sharp ready for the fight, prepared ready to battle. The archer knows and has his hands prepared (Isaiah 49:2). We too can be the instrument God choses to do what HE wants when HE wants, it can even be something totally different than what we have planned but right on track with that vision. Plans we always wanted by others means of arrival. The flight of the arrow is a process, the flight of the arrow is a split second where its drawn out the quiver out on the rest of the bow, fingers pull the string. Eyes are focused on the target. Fingers find its anchor point, the arrow is released. The flight begins, the arrows travel to it designation. It has arrived at the place of choosing, much better put it has strategically fired and aimed bullseye or target hit. Seconds this all takes... We are hid in His quiver ready and sharp. Don't despise small beginnings or small things even seasons that much isn't going on. There is a season that prepares us to stay sharp ready for action as the Master Archer chooses to use His arrows. Let me be faithful as a man and be a good steward of the resources I have. More so make the use of my time and my life count and impact this society right where I have been placed. Keep your eyes on the prize.

Media used:

20x40 Mixed media on wood panel.

Materials used wood, stencil, metal, spray paint and acrylic.


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