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Here at SSA we are teaming up with Rick Hogg to remember Duco. Creating awareness of work dogs and their special bond with their handlers. Please read
and watch the videos below to see how you can help.

In Honor of Duco
Remembering Combat Assault Dog Duco
5 July 2021

Duco was a Dutch Shepherd who served courageously from 2012 through 2017 as part of Operation Enduring Freedom during the Global War on Terrorism. He and his handler, 29-year US Army Special Operations combat veteran Rick Hogg, worked in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Duco was given the same moniker as the very first of the elite bloodline of dogs that originated in the Netherlands and which are said to make the best special ops K9’s. (It’s probably no coincidence that in Latin, Duco means “to lead”)

Rick Hogg built a special bond with his K9, Duco, saying "He was an extension of me. That's the part that is sometimes hard for people to understand. His ability to shift gears was absolutely incredible. A [helicopter] rotor pitch changed, and he was ready to go. It was game time. My first dog tried to test the waters, Duco never tested me. Duco was the gold standard when it came to SOF K9s. If I could clone him, I would, he was that good."

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