Established in 2008 during a dark time when I hated life, doubted my faith and was angry at God. A time in life where I needed to STAND STRONG in the worse way. That precise moment a clear vision came to me how a warrior should STAND STRONG. It shows a brokenness but also there is victory after the battle. My art is a representation of that struggle as we face the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual issues of our culture.

STAND STRONG is an apparel lifestyle brand artistically inspired by history, mixed media, comics, graphic design, illustration, graffiti, typography, and street art. Birthed out of Ephesians 6:10-18 it draws creativity from various warrior cultures of the past and present. Seeks to understand truth in a society that has no moral backbone. To swim against the current to stand when others kneel.


Excel as a Godly company that produces high-end creative art that will INSPIRE - FIGHT - OVERCOME. Battle issues of the day through a conservative lens, that will wage war in the spiritual and physical realm.


A movement that inspires our generation through art to embrace the warrior spirit. To lead an uncompromising life that will stand against evil and fear God.


FAITH to Stand Strong. FREEDOM to Stand Strong. FORTITUDE to Stand Strong.


Lord... If today is my last breath I take, may I go out in honor with my head held high.
Let me die a great death that I may stand when it counts. With every ounce of my soul
let me fight for a worthy cause. Give me strength to crush my enemies with precision
and skill. One day I will stand before you my King. I fought for the convictions placed in my heart, I pray that you find me faithful till the end. -Stand Strong

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