FIGHT the good fight of faith. OVERCOME evil with good. INSPIRE a movement back to God through art


Use art as a tool to strengthen and encourage every warrior who is still in the fight. To stand against evil and be the light in the darkness.   


FAITH to Stand Strong. FREEDOM to Stand Strong. FORTITUDE to Stand Strong.

Art is War: THE BATTLE  

Stand Strong was started with a personal conviction to understand the essence of the ancient warrior in modern day culture. In an effort to spiritually STAND STRONG, an artistic standpoint has been taken that is inspired by history, 2nd amendment , mixed media, graphic design, illustration, graffiti, typography, and street art that confronts where we stand on spiritual and political issues of the day. To extract wisdom to form honorable characteristics through a conservative lens wrestling to a find moral balance. The noble quest to find answers how one should live in a time of compromise in a depraved culture without a spiritual backbone. The true value of discipline or to give one's self to it, "self sacrifice" has vanished. The characteristics of a true warrior is birthed out of Ephesians 6:10-18. This is the foundation where Stand Strong draws it strength and inspiration from. According to Biblical truths the opposition we face in this life is not from this world, so neither should the weapons for combat be from this world.  

As history shows, many courageous men and women of old stood up against great injustices in the world. Hundreds of years later, people are still facing injustices and oppression, we now are considered counter-culture if we address it. In fact in how we think in every area of our life, ethics, morals, food, faith and so on seem archaic. As we make a real return to masculinity and femininity to challenge the norms, and lead a culture that will swim up stream. The time is of essence to be more vocal and active to fight for our freedoms. To stand…Our strength is found in the process of struggle, and the way we live it out. Stand Strong should confront your spiritual, mental, emotional, and social well being. We cannot back down and sit idly by while evil runs wild. A person's faith will determine the direction of their beliefs. As Gordon A. Eddie once said, "If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything." 



There is a invisible war that is blind to the natural eye. As this country becomes more of a godless society we will see the decline of everything decent unravel. We lack the fear for God that this once great nation held so highly esteemed. True change begins at the heart of it all, that is where the battle is fought. As a result our culture has become weak that has entrapped us. Vulnerable to attacks which has dulled our spiritual senses. Only the Cross of Christ can save us and truly make the difference that we all would like to see. When it comes down it, the real change begins in our hearts. That is the essence of the struggle that we all battle. The war is for your soul. 


To suffer well no matter what the circumstances or how the cards may fall. Many of our lives have turned out much differently than we expected. The battle comes down to the fact, whether we can or can't by reaching an impossible feat. Enduring a particular hardship; where challenges arise and our minds can only go so far. We have to be strong mentally against an age of venomous propaganda. These mind games of this dark age of information will sway people to think uncritically. Our minds are a powerful tools, the way we think is the way we act. The mind is like the rudder of the ship which steers it's ultimate course. If you can steer a nation down the wrong path then you can implement any secular agenda. These motives can enslave its people moreover take away their freedoms. The war is for your mind.  


Unexplainable tragedies, failure in the worse degree can make life extremely hard sometimes. Hardships last longer than we like even to the point of fatigue. We see injustices, evil people doing whatever they like; no accountability. We understand and see the struggle everywhere around us quite well. When your knocked down by trails, its how you respond when you fall. Some cower and cover their heads… No we get back up. We continue to battle. We go the extra mile. We don't give up, or thrown down our weapons to fight. Our weapons like hope, courage, fortitude, resilience, humility, and perseverance must carry on. We stand against the internal and external forces that try to tear the rightly good from the integral part of our lives. The war is for your body. 


As we spiral downward our morals and values have been thrown out the window. We hold to principles like honor, respect, loyalty, commitment, and responsibility. Personal responsibility is not other people raising your kids or looking for handouts. The process starts with us first in our homes which ripples out. When men and women courageously step into their roles. The stewardship of what God has given us will look a lot different. True responsibility begins when we become resolute in our personal convictions. Sacrificing the time to invest in our families, always protecting them. Our roles have switched, becoming a soft and tolerant generation. We lost the grit of handsomeness of men, and the true beauty of a gentle, strong woman.  The ideology and perverseness of this culture is sweeping this nation into a deep sleep. The war is for your influence. 


“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me. 2 Corinthians 12:9

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