Founded in 2008, this unique blend of mixed media and street art initially took shape through collaborative art shows with friends. The profound desire to create a brand that mirrored my faith and values weighed heavily on my heart. In 2015, I departed from the world of Hollywood, where I had been working in film, and relocated to Texas. The mission was clear: to merge my passion for firearms with the cherished freedoms we enjoy, giving rise to an underground movement that would boldly endure.

SSA embodies a warrior's way of life, drawing inspiration from diverse sources such as history, pop culture, graphic design, illustration, graffiti, and street art. Rooted in Ephesians 6:10-18, it channels creativity from the rich tapestry of warrior cultures, both ancient and contemporary.

The art we create serves as a symbolic representation of the triumph over the challenges we face, encompassing the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual facets of our society. SSA endeavors to uncover truth in a world that often lacks a moral compass, resolutely swimming against the current while others kneel.


INSPIRE. FIGHT. OVERCOME. Excel as a Godly company that produces high-end creative art. Battle issues of the day through a conservative lens, that will wage war in the spiritual and physical realm. 


Lord... If today is my last breath I take, may I go out in honor with my head lifted high. Let me die a great death that I may stand when it counts. With every ounce of my soul let me fight for a worthy cause. Give me strength to crush my enemies with precision and skill. One day I will stand before you my King. I fought for the convictions placed in my heart. I pray that you find me faithful till the end.  

Hold fast, be alert and Stand Strong!