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BRR patch “Black Robed Regiment” is a design that I've sat on for the last few years. I know this design is a stretch and most people might not get it. . Please watch the videos provided, should give you an idea of the BRR. Google / YouTube search there is tons of info on the men who I think need to be highlighted for their boldness.

I do believe it’s a part of the Revolutionary history that people don’t know or understand. Especially for the church where you have pastors that preached freedom. To the point the King of England killed these local pastors. I think this is something we can learn from and definitely implement in our lives. You don’t have to be a Christian but we as men are called to lead. Via your community and family or the direct place where your located.

*** There will be a pledge card that will come with the patch. It will give you the ability to list some areas where you can step up lead in general. So this patch will have a part 2 step that takes some involvement. It's totally optional but this is to take personal inventory and lead better as men. I’m not saying we all got to be pastors, but to take an oath and lead others when the world is dark and grim.

- 2.5 x 3.5
- Printed
- Hook Backing